Eavesdropping in a Teahouse

Pretty much I’m between

Rage perception


This is important!


Not going to lie.

There’s another show that comes right after.

I don’t think so

It’s one brownie.

Two twenty.

You see, you give the boy a stick and he tries to make a snake out of it.

Here’s the thing

Now I’m just looking at these.


Because if I think about it from a superpower standpoint,

I would pick reality.

I like this song.

Me too.

It’s taking outside information and bringing it in character.

He would

Steal things from people when they weren’t looking.

Pretending like I had no idea.


That’s the thing you want the most

Develop skills around that.

You’re a guardian as well.

Wait what?

I’m not allowed to read them though.


The kids thought we should put it this way,

And we tried that,

And it worked.

I am aware of the story.

And the sign reads:

Each cup of tea

Represents an



-Catherine Douzel

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Posted on Sunday, 6 November
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